Hello world!


This is our new site. Welcome!

We have a whole suite of tips and tools which can amplify your growth and development.  Over the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to sharing them with you. But as this is our first post, we thought we’d talk about origins. And how to build things that can grow.

When you learn to code, you don’t build a complex app on your first day.  You start with a simple message, “Hello World!” And only after this do you continue to build.

But Why?

The initial Hello World code has a purpose.  It’s used to test whether your initial language is correctly installed.  And there’s a lesson in this that almost every business can benefit from.

“shipping beats perfection”
Khan Academy founder, Salman Khan

This is how everything great is built.  It isn’t perfected on day one. It depends on iterative testing.  You build. You test. You rebuild. This lets you find what’s broken, and fix it.  It lets you find what’s working, and iterate! But the only way to do this is to test.  Throw an improvement out there, measure results against your assumptions, and demonstrate their success.

You can have a vision, but theory isn’t enough on it’s own.   If you want to build something big, it’s crucial to test, and iterate – and you can make enormous gains.  But you need a way to tell whether what you’re doing will work.

You need to get it into the world.

Because who knows what might happen to you then.

More soon…