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Trusted Partners

Fighting Chance is an exceptional organisation that builds innovative social enterprises designed around sustainable long-term inclusive solutions for people with disabilities. We have worked with them for many years supporting them with direct expertise or augmenting internal staff. We continue to be their trusted consultants and developers for their main web presence and multiple affiliate sites.

Our Task

Primarily Code4 provide web development and hosting for the Fighting Chance team but also have provided photography, SEO management and GSuite consultancy solutions for them. There are many NFP (Not For Profit) grants and pro bono publico digital services available. Code4 can help new or existing charities access these programs and really add value in optimising the setup of these services.

The right Clients™

We think it’s important who we work with, not just for our own benefit, but also to offer them the best service. Too many agencies will take on any work but unless we have the right background experience and know we can offer value we don’t think it appropriate to take the work on. This means the clients we do work with get the right outcomes.


February, 2017




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The Output

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