Creating Better Cities & Stronger Communities

Aligned Values

Right from the first scoping workshop we knew JOC shared our values and approach when working with stakeholders to better understand their stories and what they need to communicate. We also like to think we share a desire to provide creative engagement techniques, and leave participants inspired.

Building Trust

After the successful launch of their main site, and the positive responses they have had we continue to work together on new online properties as well as early-stage planning for the next interation of their site. Always looking foward we will value and support JOC for many years to come.

Scable Technologies

We knew that JOC would want to continue to create new sites for different projects as they promote and empoyer the communities they work with. To give them control over an exspanding stable of sites, we selected a WordPress multi-site solution running on premium and performant hosting


June, 2019





The Output

Fighting Chance