What's all this #rvlife business about anyway?


Bespoke Solution

Code4 was approached to relaunch a website that had outgrown it’s hobby phase. The new site required a complex web of related entities that allowed the business to scale globally without the fuss of maintaining redundant content pieces.

Our Task

This was very much the holistic brief with Code4 contributing to everything from brand ideation, information architecture, UI design to site launch, infrastructure management and growth hacking.

Beloved Client

Since our initial engagement the Code4/HitTheRoad relationship has strengthened as we evolved together to respectively come to understand the market and capabilities of the technology at hand. We have no doubt this will continue to prosper as the site matures further.


February, 2017


MVP & Product Growth

Web development

The Output

Key Challenges

Our core challenge with this monster was to find a platform that was versatile but also lean enough to move with the market as the client had a very ambitious road map (pun intended?) that we could see required new features to be developed regularly after the initial launch. After a tonne of scratching around and prototype development we settled on OctoberCMS. This formed the backbone for the project and continues to power the site to this day, in fact October was so strong it quickly became a leading choice in our quiver of CMS technologies.

Key Learning

When there is a world of possibilities, don’t push a round peg through a square hole. Do it once, do it right.

Clever Tech

OctoberCMS, Laravel Forge, AWS and a handful of other tricks from the Code4 suite.

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