Developing the standards

Mediator Standards Board

Bespoke Solution

Code4 was engaged by Lokal web design studio to develop a multi-tiered member management system to help MSB operate more efficiently. Once we finally grappled the unique and complex relationships that the various stakeholders maintained we were able to craft the wonder that became.

Our Task

In many ways this project was made much simpler by the creative expertise by the folk at Lokal, who provided us superior requirements and creative assets. From here we engineered a comprehensive membership and renewal system for MSB member organisations to manage their list of accredited mediators.

Beloved Client

Since launching in 2017, Code4 has enjoyed working with MSB to develop and launch new features to help bring productivity and useful tools for their members and the greater community.


October, 2017


Lokal, Code4


Web Application

The Output

Key Challenges

Make no mistake, this was not your ordinary ‘brochureware’ website. As with many projects that require custom development, understanding the complex stakeholder relationships was our initial challenge. Once we felt we had this down, our efforts quickly turned to schema design where we extended OctoberCMS to it’s fullest capacity. Naturally the first iteration was never going to be the final and thankfully we were able to evolve the application to meet the clients final expectations.

Key Learning

Often the art of delivering completeness is simplicity. Be careful not to over-engineer and life throws far less obstacles.

Clever Tech

OctoberCMS, Laravel Forge, AWS, Custom Plugins and trade secrets to boot.

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