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Apps & Websites

This is the core of what we do. Whether you’re a start-up, a not-for-profit, or an established enterprise, your website and app are a portal to your brand. Let’s make it a good one.


Data Intelligence

With data more prolific than ever, it’s essential to have systems that measure and highlight what’s actually useful. Our rigorous tactics and deep experience with data and analytics will work to bring you tremendous value.


Guide Your Growth

Stuck in a holding pattern or needing to grow faster? In a digital landscape of seemingly infinite permutations, this mindset can be difficult to break. Have our experience be your advantage.




Too often, we get stuck trying to make the right decision, or we have opportunity anxiety. It’s always good to think before you act, but you can’t measure success until you have something to measure. Change is good. Being able to measure its effectiveness is better. Being able to react and do both quickly is best.


Personalised intelligence

The best technologies are rarely the same for any two companies.  It’s important to look at the people in the business and the opportunities in their specific market.  Code4 provides intelligent analysis, providing you with the best solutions, personalised to your business.



With over 20 years of experience, you can have confidence in our expert knowledge of building and supporting technology solutions for design agencies, startups, and enterprise.

This can feel like an obvious statement, but the value comes when you define the right goals. For example, a basic goal might be “we need to set up paid advertising to increase our brand awareness”. A better goal would be, “We need design a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with measurable return on investment tracking”.

Rather than spending weeks in design and production perfecting the end deliverable, a better approach is to release components as soon as they meet their core requirement. Speed does not have to mean risk if you have the right technology and processes. Code4 runs a similar philosophy so you too can adapt rapidly.

Iterative enhancement is a well know refinement approach in software development, and we know that regardless of how good something is right now, with time comes new data and, with it, the opportunity to improve. Work with us to see these benefits.


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